In addition to selling tires and wheels, Ely’s Tires can also perform several services to your vehicle. Our expert technicians can quickly perform the following services:

Rim Repair

We have trained staff on hand who will repair your rim while you wait! No need to drop it off and send it away – we have specialized equipment in-house to perform quick and seamless rim repairs.

Tire Mounting

When it comes to installing tires, it’s no easy task. Tires are heavy, cumbersome and need to be handled properly for correct installation. Our professionals have several years of experience to make the tire mounting process go smooth and quick.

High-Speed Wheel Balancing

To provide a smooth ride after your tire installation, we balance your tires using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. This is done by spinning your tires at a high rate of speed, and using computers to determine the exact weights to install on your tires to even the balance.

4-Wheel Computerized Alignments

Misaligned wheels can cause premature tire wear, a “pulling” sensation while driving, and difficulty handling the vehicle in emergency situations. Using computerized sensors, our equipment takes quick and accurate measurements to assist our technicians in aligning all four of your vehicle’s wheels to prevent these problems.


We provide full brake service including: brake pad replacement, brake system flushing and bleeding, and rotor replacement. We also can resurface your rotors to even out any bumps or waves which will provide smooth and safe braking, and increase the life-span of your brakes.


Driving a vehicle with worn or broken suspension components can be dangerous to yourself, your vehicle, other vehicles and pedestrians. Ely’s Tires can replace springs, struts and other components of your suspension system to provide for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Mechanic Work

We can also diagnose and repair most mechanical items on your vehicle. Whether you’ve got a check-engine light, your car is making a weird noise, or just needs a tune-up, our full-time mechanic is here to help!
If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!